Know About Us

In the modern digital business environment, there is a radical change in the way organisations are functioning today as compared to the scenario prevailing even a couple of decades back. Computers, automation, artificial intelligence are the tools of today’s business and managing them optimally requires highly trained and skilled personnel and cutting-edge software and hardware.

In this scenario, it is only fitting that employers and business owners look for ways and means to streamline their business operations. The Internet has hundreds of sites that meet this purpose, all focussed on highlighting processes and systems that increase operational efficiencies. Our blog site is one such option but with a difference – we are committed to bringing to our readers not only the specifications and what SOE is all about but also in-depth analysis by experts on our panel on how businesses can use SOE to better their IT networks.

But first, what is SOE and what is our blog site all about? SOE is software that reduces the time for maintaining, supporting, deploying and managing computers within a network. IT professionals can quickly install new workstations in a network or set right problems in existing ones. Administrators typically apply SOE for implementation in multiple computers in the form of a standard disk image. SOE can be implemented in servers, laptops, desktops and mobile devices through service packs and software updates or other standardised methods.

On our site, you will find blogs and write-ups that cover all these aspects in great detail. We have news, updates, and technological advancements as well as snippets of useful information and even trivial to capture your attention. We are sure that all our blogs are detailed enough to add to the knowledge bank of our visitors. Most importantly, the blogs are a mix of highly technical write-ups and simple ones that will interest the ordinary person.

We have a team of SOE specialists on our panel who are all highly trained and experienced in this field. Some of them have rich work experience in well-known organisations and have hands-on knowledge of SOE. Blogs on our site are therefore authoritative, credible and have the stamp of authenticity.

A unique aspect of our blog site is the open-forum approach that we follow, and this is what sets us apart from the others. We invite write-ups and blogs from dedicated bloggers with a lot of familiarity on SOE and its various aspects. We do not have any specific guidelines and writers are free to write on any topic so long as it pertains to our niche of SOE.

We only request bloggers to ensure that their contributions are original and unpublished pieces. We reserve the right to make alterations and modifications to the text if necessary. Blogs may be embedded with photos, tutorial videos or infographics for added information.

We will inform by mail once the blogs are published on our site.